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15 Minute Tarot Reading + Cocktail/9 Oz Wine

15 Minute Tarot Reading + Cocktail/9 Oz Wine

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Shelley was born at a very early age, with a crayon behind one ear and a crooked smile on her face!  Both those things - creativity and humour - regularly come in handy, to this day!! She spent 25+ years as a community developer, building pathways between big systems (social services, justice, and so on) and people, in grassroots organizations and communities. Always with one foot in post-secondary education and one foot in community.  And a hand in tarot!

Today, it’s ACT III; (kinda) retired, ‘Booka' to Charlie June (beaming!!), with both hands and feet in Tarot.  Always learning and fully engaging with multiple facets of the healing arts; in fact, she is just back from a Tarot Retreat in Italy, the place of Tarot’s beginnings. Shelley is jazzed to share her learnings in supporting folks to be their self-defined best. 


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